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You, again?

Share your photos! Yesterday, 09:03 PM
_7070010 by michealj, on Flickr   Available light at the Dr.'s office.
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Digital Fujifilm Velvia

Share your photos! Yesterday, 06:52 AM
Nice Colour by Su Inspire, on Flickr   I love the colour!
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FoV Question

Micro Four Thirds Lens Discussion 29 Jul 2014
So a 25mm lens in 4/3 is supposed to be equal to a 50mm on FF/FX/135. Does that mean the horizontal angle of view is roughly the same, or that the vertical FoV is roughly the same?   My guess is horizontal is th same and you have more room vertically than on 3:2 formats, but I can't work it...
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x100s for street, zone or autofocus?

Fuji X Camera Discussion 29 Jul 2014
I've tested the x100s against m43 bodies and found the AF to be a little slower, but haven't been able to get real world testing done.   Does the x100s AF hold up in fast moving situations or with moving subjects? Or is it preferable to zone focus?   Thanks!
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Welcome to the original Mirrorless community, existent since 2009. We represent all Micro Four Thirds cameras, along with an array of others that our members find interest in. Please register an account for benefits such as unlimited storage in the forum gallery, along with the ability to converse in and start topics on the forum, along with many other features only available to forum members. It's fast, free, and easy!

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Native Lens Archive needs updated samples ........

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 20 Jul 2014
I have provided a thread for all the native lenses from various makers in the Native Lens Archive Index   Please find your lens, and post a few samples of your choice.   The best way to do this is to upload your photos in one of your galleries here Gallery Upload Page You may need creat...
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Camera Body Tags added.......

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 14 Jul 2014
with so many mirrorless brands and models in use, I added tags for all the models of:   Canon EOS M Fuji X Nikon 1 Olympus Pen Olympus OMD Panasonic G Pentax Q Sony NEX/E So, when you make post in the  Show and Discuss Photography. All Cameras Welcome board, you will have a drop down me...
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A brand new OM-D camera to be released in September!

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 12 Jul 2014
  Looks like we might be getting our E-M5 replacement in just two months. With the E-M10 being new and the E-M1 being too new as it is, what do you think the price point and features of this new camera will be?
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Added a new Topic under "Do More With Your Camera"

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 11 Jun 2014
I added a new topic board to discus any 3rd party accessories you use, or a new accessory you found.   "Software and 3rd Party Accessory Gear Discussion"   When I found a cool flash accessory, I really didn't think it fit in the News/Rumor board, or any accessory board, (which are brand...
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Buy 2 Touit Lenses for $919.00 (save $800)

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 01 Jun 2014
Wow... buy the 12mm f/2.8 and 32mm f/1.8 in Sony E or Fuji X mounts for $919.00 !!!!!! (18mm/48 fov)   Link through B&H >> http://www.bhphotovi..._f_1_8_and.html
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Fujifilm May Release a 90mm f2, 35mm f1.4 II and Super Te...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 27 May 2014
Fujifilm May Release a 90mm f2, 35mm f1.4 II and Super Telephoto Zoom Next Year     OH BOY.......     From The Phoblographer The next lens in Fujifilm’s steadily growing X-system family may be the XF 90mm f2. A Fujifilm insider told Fuji Rumors the lens won’t be coming until s...
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