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Photographic Themes and Projects 13 Nov 2015
Buddies, are the best the world has to offer. submit your pictures of buddies. Please.   Buddys_1- by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr   Buddys_2_DSC5013-Edit by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
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We Remember: Thanks to all the Vets for their service

Share your photos! 11 Nov 2015
(My Dad used a 4x5 Speed Graphic, scanned with a Epson V700)   My Dad 1945 in Holland 1945 Holland by In Memory Of John Angelo Arbib, on Flickr   VE Day: May 8, 1945: Paris 1945-May 8-Paris VE-Day-Arc with Super Fortes by In Memory Of John Angelo Arbib, on Flickr...
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My first photobook now on sale!

Marketplace 10 Nov 2015
This is the portfolio that won the Grand Prize at the annual manifestation "La Città Visibile" in Grosseto, Italy. (2014 - seventh edition).   http://www.blurb.com...il-velo-sottile
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Clarifications about online book sales.

Marketplace 10 Nov 2015
May I post a link to the page of an online book store when I sell a photobook?
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Face in the woods

Share your photos! 08 Nov 2015
Taking a stroll through a cemetery this afternoon, happened upon this face. I am glad it was early afternoon and full daylight. This looked like it would glow in the dark!   TreeMan_DSC4920-Edit by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
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A7m2 get new firmware...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 04 Nov 2015
It seems to be official that the A7 ii is getting the new firmware allowing uncompressed raw files and improved focus capabilities with phase detection.    http://www.sony.net/.../products/v6cd/   So much for this model going on sale for the holidays...
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Pana-Leica 100-400mm f4-6,5

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 05 Aug 2015
I think that are no discussion about this lens yet. So what you think about it?   http://www.imaging-r...-including-firs     It actually looks quite nice and compact/small, but what can we expect about optical quality here? Do you think that it will be clearly better/sharper lens t...
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LensBaby 56mm f/1.6 Macro (1:2), under $500

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 01 Jun 2015
Wow, just saw this! A duel purpose portrait/macro lens from LensBaby!!   http://fujilove.com/...e-fuji-x-mount/  
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X-E2 Rumored update... Grain of Salt?

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 25 May 2015
http://www.fujirumor...-not-yet-fixed/ “Following the announcement of the updated firmware of the x-T1, We received a lot of requests for an update to the x-E2. In response to these requests, we plan to publish an update to the x-E2 as soon as possible. The date of publication is not yet fix...
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Canon EOS M 3!!!

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 05 Feb 2015
      – NEW (you read right) 24.2MP CMOS sensor (22.3 x 14.9mm) – AF is 49 points. Hybrid CMOS AF – ISO100-12800 – Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible) – DIGIC6 processor – Wi-Fi – Continuous shooting 4.2 frames / sec. – 384 zone metering – Battery LP-E17 – The shutter speed...
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Olympus "Air" clippie camera thingie announed...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 05 Feb 2015
    Sony eeerm olympus has just announced "their" version of the qx1, the Air. Alright all cynicism aside this thing is wonderful. It just is. Its better than the sony's because the went all out with it. Only thing they left out is the IBIS and im not sure they did. basically:   T...
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