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Canon 6D iso 102,400 samples

Other Cameras (SLRs, RFs, DSLRs, Fixed Lens, Film, Other Brands of Mirrorless) Yesterday, 06:43 PM
Why?  Just because.   6D with Tamron 60mm f/2 macro lens mounted.  Yes, this is an APS-C lens, but in macro focusing distance there is no vignetting.   1/640th sec f/8 iso 102,400 (Neat Image recognized the file as iso 65K)       Original frame with no adjustmen...
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FMMF -Fashion Meets Music Festival

Share your photos! 31 Aug 2014
Hoopped over there last night to shoot the Ibelux 40/0.85 at night. Got some decent shots. All with the a6000 and the Ibelux wide open, except the last, with the Rokinon 12/2 wide open.
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Share your photos! 30 Aug 2014
It's amazing how wildlife adapts to its surroundings
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Dear Pentax: what the F?

Other Cameras (SLRs, RFs, DSLRs, Fixed Lens, Film, Other Brands of Mirrorless) 28 Aug 2014
It really seems like everybody is ticking the wrong boxes with me these days, but pentax reeeally did it. They went ahead and announced this thing:     That you can go ahead and order to look like this:       Yes, those are LEDs. LEDs that serve absolutely no other purp...
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Let's Talk about being Confronted with your Street Ph...

Coffee Talk 28 Aug 2014
Here is my confrontation... comments welcome   Share yours if you like.   I also have a business card with a photo, name, Flickr URL, and phone... It is a good idea for sure, and does come in handy...   Just had a insistent last this week (see time stamp of this post)..   I wa...
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Olympus epl 7 official

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 28 Aug 2014
so it's official, there's now a selfie capable Olympus. In an attempt to capture what I believe is the 15 year Olds market Olympus released yet another cam with the same sensor with the sole difference that it does selfies. Thing is, 15 year Olds take selfies with their phones already, and a ca...
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Local Brick n Mortar Store Carries Panasonic - Again

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 21 Aug 2014
My local store used to carry Panasonic but then dropped them due to having problems of getting products in from the local sales rep.   Looks like there's a new local sales rep in town.
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Tags.... Input

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 20 Aug 2014
We have had a set of tags for around a month now...   Love them, or Leave them??   Would you rather make your own tags?   Peter   I'll keep the poll open for a while....
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All the rumors indicate

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 09 Aug 2014
That there is a lot of product development going on. Patents are a good indication of activity and thought even if they never make it out of development. It seems mirrorless and m43 has some future compared to the contrarians.
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Phase Detection Evolution: Fujifilm patents hybrid AF Pix...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 09 Aug 2014
Will Fuji introduce an X-Trans III with PDAF sensors that can also be used as image forming pixel? Right now, the PDAF sensors are not used to form an image.   Image 2 shows that the sensor will allow some light to pass to form an image where the PDAF sensor is.     From Rumor on F...
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(FT2): Updated 9mm lens specs. It has an f/1.8 aperture?

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 09 Aug 2014
Possible future Oly Pro 9mm f/1.8?  http://www.43rumors....-f1-8-aperture/     9mm F1.8. 8 elements in 7 groups. Plastic and metal. Distance markers. No snapshot manual focus control. No focus-by-wire. Compact for competition.   Maybe? is an over 1000 fast ultra wide a cool t...
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