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Windows 10 will allow Hologram Computing!!!!

Coffee Talk Today, 11:54 AM
Wow.... Windows 10 along with the Hololens and their Hologram software will allow you to project holograms that are interactive!!!!   Full Review http://www.pcworld.c...m-and-more.html     Hologram section http://www.pcworld.c...d-hololens.html    
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Trying different Sun-Ray Burst brushes....

Share your photos! 30 Jan 2015
1 CC14-Lr-007-2015 Jan 30-DSCF8840-X-E2 RAF XF35mm by parbib-Non Street, on Flickr     2 -Lr-001-V2-2015 Jan 30-DSCF8834-X-E2 RAF XF35mm by parbib-Non Street, on Flickr     3 CC14-Lr-002-2015 Jan 30-DSCF8835-X-E2 RAF XF35mm by parbib-Non Street, on Flickr     4 C...
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Chairs and...

Share your photos! 29 Jan 2015
Same image, different processing.    GuthChairs_DSC0302 by michealj, on Flickr     GuthChairs_DSC0302-2 by michealj, on Flickr    
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Zeiss Tessar

Micro Four Thirds Lens Discussion 28 Jan 2015
I am pretty new to Mft and tend to get confused regarding adapters so maybe someone can advise. What adapter do I need to use contax zeiss Tessar 2.8/45 on MFT mount? What mount is this zeiss lens? Thanks Apagano
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Share your photos! 25 Jan 2015
I was able to try out the pano feature on the A6000. It is automatic, it starts processing in camera after the 2nd exposure. It is truly impressive.   StoneArchPano_DSC0253-2 by michealj, on Flickr
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Idea: to make the PINNED 'Share your photos" a su...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 25 Jan 2015
What I am thinking is make all the PINNED" topics in the "Share Your Photos" Forum.   What this will allow is 4 things, A place to post in the on-going topic, with no front page exposure Allow discussions about the main topic to made in the related area as a new post Any new post will be o...
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Panasonic lumix GF7 released

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 20 Jan 2015
-- 16MP Live MOS sensor – Two-dimensional noise reduction, multi-process NR, detail reproduction filter – Intelligent D-range control that extends the dynamic range than ever before – 240fps Fast AF sensor drive and lens control – -4EV Corresponding low light AF – Significantly more compact comp...
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FlashQ trigger for off camera flash: an inexpensive alter...

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 18 Jan 2015
I found this on another site, bit, thought I link the review and home page of the product here also..   In short is a nicely made and not so expensive wireless flash/Strobe trigger that is allows you to use an off camera flash in hand of bracket w/o any wires, and allows the flash to use "A"...
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Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 15 Jan 2015
New 175° Tilting LCD for easy self-portraits New All-new kit lenses with a minimum working distance of 15cm for macro photography New Eye detection AF, Auto Macro AF and Multi target "MULTI AF" New Long-life battery for up to 410 photos New 3 to 3.5 stops of image stabilization  NOT IBIS.......
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NEW FUJIFILM XQ2 with 2/3" X-Trans II sensor

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 15 Jan 2015
  X Pocketable Premium Compact New Film Simulation "CLASSIC CHROME" Evolved Autofocus The world's fastest* 0.06 seconds AF performance Fast aperture of F1.8, versatile 4x optical zoom, and macro shots from as close as 3cm X-Trans™** CMOS II & EXR Processor II Original "one touch" w...
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samyang/rokinon 135mm f2 on feb 12!!!

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 10 Jan 2015
Exciting times we'really living... It's gonna be around 550$ and lately samyang has been surprising with their sharpness. 135mm lenses are about the easiest things to make from an engineering point of view, so it should be decent and well corrected. Initially in the usual Canon, Nikon, Pentax...
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Fujinon XF 16-55mm f2.8 R LM WR announced!!

Mirrorless Rumors & Official News 07 Jan 2015
ok we're getting silly with the names here fuji, I mean, I dare you to say it out loud and not feel stupid. With an equivalent focal lenght of 24-83mm, this lens is definitely fujis attempt at the 24-70 pro workhorse range. Consisting of a whopping 17 elements in 12 groups, with 3 aspherical len...
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